All skydiving athletes want to prepare their bodies physically and mentally for the task ahead. Fitness expert and experienced skydiver Darrell Wong has developed an optimal training program for skydiving.

Darrell has been an Olympic wrestler and professional athlete for many years. He has worked with the US Athletics and Cycling team, advising MLB, NBA and NFL.

In the video series we’ll be announcing, Darrell introduces us to exercises that will help improve your skydiving performance. Special proprioceptive skills and exercises are designed to facilitate the adaptation of the body to skydiving and wind tunnel flight. Perhaps they will help in other sports as well.

Warm up

Light warm-up to stretch the muscles specific to skydiving.

The goal of any warm-up is to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for our future activities. Therefore, we need functional stretching exercises for specific activities that use sports movements. To implement them, arrive at the airfield early so that you have enough time to warm up.

Once you are comfortable with all your equipment, we recommend walking or running around the site for five to ten minutes. This way, you can get a rush of blood, as well as be able to check the condition of the wind and any other important information that you might have missed.

If you don’t have a lot of airfield space, you can use these exercises in a small space to keep warm. When done correctly, this set of dynamic stretching exercises can lead to positive training adaptations to improve jump performance.

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