To organize jumps, the “PARASKUF” Association uses the following types of aircrafts.

Airplane An-2

An-2 is one of the oldest and most reliable single-engine airplane. Its design – a biplane brace – has proven its reliability and safety over the years. An-2 is capable of landing on unprepared terrain; after stopping the engine, the plane continues to glide.

The An-2 aircraft at the Chayka Airfield is used to deliver novice paratroopers (first-timers) to perform introductory jumps, canopy piloting jumps (Swoop), as well as for parachutists studying under the Static Line program at an altitude of 1000-1500 meters in 15 -20 minutes.

The capacity of parachutists is 12 people.

Airplane An-28

Skydiving in Kyiv Chayka Airfied - PARASKUF

The An-28 aircraft belongs to the category of small aviation. This is an excellent all-terrain aircraft that has earned worldwide recognition.

It is used for the delivery of parachutists-athletes, passengers and instructors for tandem jumps in order to perform high-altitude long jumps, jumps to pilot the canopy, setting records of Ukraine in the class of large formations. The drop is made through the plane’s ramp from a height of over 4000 meters.

An-28 can take on board more than 20 skydivers.

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