The brightest and most unforgettable jump from 4200 meters!

Tandem skydiving with instructor

About the jump


4200 meters

Free fall

60 seconds

Flight time

3-5 minutes under parachute




4500 - 4800 UAH *

A tandem skydiving is a jump paired with a tandem instructor on the same parachute system. Among the introductory jumps, it is the most spectacular and impressive, since it is carried out from a high altitude – 4200 meters. The duration of the free fall is 60 seconds. And what is also important – this is the safest type of jump!

* The price depends on the weight of the tandem passenger at the time of the jump: 4500 UAH – up to 100 kg; 4700 UAH – up to 110 kg; 4800 UAH – up to 120 kg.

Skydiving admission

Weight limit

Up to 120 kilograms


From 10 years old (with parental permission). Restrictions for the elderly people are due only to physical condition

Health status

People without mental disabilities and cardiovascular diseases are allowed to jump.

Musculoskeletal system

No restrictions

Work process

Come to the Drop Zone

Fill out the form

Meet the instructor, get instructed

Make the jump

Receive your diploma

Receive a photo and video report

What to take with you


Your identity documents, documents


You need to have shoes with thick soles that are firmly attached to the foot (for example, sports sneakers)


In late autumn and early spring, we recommend taking a tracksuit or thermal underwear with you, over which you can wear a jumpsuit

Additionally you can order

Photo + video filming by operator

2000 UAH
Video creation - 400 UAH

Handycam video on the wrist of the tandem-instructor

800 UAH

* To record photos and videos, you need to take an SD memory card or USB flash drive with you

Give your loved ones a bright emotion, a beautiful dream - the opportunity to fly!

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