Parachute jump is a cherished dream of many people in the world. All parachute clubs have rules that must be followed to make a safe first jump. For the first solo Static Line jump and for the tandem parachute jump, the rules and restrictions are different. Weight is one of the factors that affects your ability to jump.

Tandem skydiving

Age. To perform a tandem jump with an instructor from a height of 4000 meters, persons over 10 years old are allowed (under 18 years old, written permission from parents is required). There is no upper age limit.

The weight. The maximum body weight for those wishing to jump with a parachute in tandem with an instructor is 120 kg. There is no minimum threshold for this type of jump.

Medical contraindications. There is a list of medical contraindications for skydiving in tandem:

  • mental illness;
  • epilepsy;
  • diseases of the middle ear;
  • colds and runny nose;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;
  • alcoholic or drug intoxication;

Static Line skydiving

Age. As with the landing parachute, you must be 16 years old to make a Static Line jump from a height of 1000 meters. There is no upper age threshold.

The weight. The minimum weight for Static Line jump is 40 kg. The maximum weight is 120 kg. Landing with this type of parachute is less traumatic than with a round landing parachute, the load on the musculoskeletal system is less.

Medical contraindications. To perform this type of jump, you need to be in good physical shape. Medical contraindications:

  • colds and runny nose;
  • mental illness;
  • diseases of the middle ear and deafness;
  • epilepsy;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • myopia (lenses can be used);
  • severe injuries/fractures of the musculoskeletal system.
  • alcoholic or drug intoxication.

Try to monitor your health and physical fitness, do not neglect the above requirements, and then your dream will come true.

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