Friends skydivers, this announcement applies to those who have thought about taking up instructor activities. The Association PARASKUF plans to hold a series of seminars and practical exercises to train AFF instructors and Tandem masters.

First of all, these courses and classes will be conducted to improve the skills of the existing permanent staff and replenish the ranks of the Club with new instructors. We will not issue any licenses, at least not yet. The most worthy, immediately after the end of the course, will be included in the instructors of the Association PARASKUF and will improve their skills in our ranks.

If you have thought about such a possibility, then you will be interested. Here are the main criteria for AFF Instructor and Tandem Master ratings applicants:

  • AFF instructor – must have at least 1000 jumps (minimum 500 for group acrobatics)
  • Tandem instructor – have at least 500 jumps. The rest of the criteria will be discussed directly with the examiners.

But we do not deny the opportunity to try and those who do not fall under these criteria. It is never too early to learn and never too late. This will be a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of instructor work and gain tremendous experience. There is no limit to perfection in skydiving …

Pre-registration and submission of applications will take place through the main manager of our club in Viber at the phone number: +38 067 212-21-22.

Your application must indicate:

  1. Full Name
  2. Year of birth.
  3. City of residence.
  4. The total number of high-altitude parachute jumps.
  5. How many skydiving jumps were completed in 2020.
  6. Achievements in skydiving.
  7. Favorite discipline in skydiving.

Do not miss your chance!

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