PARASKUF Association actively maintains its social pages, and we really love and respect our followers on Facebook and Instagram. We hope you are one of them!

To pass the time when jumps are not yet available due to weather conditions, so that this winter is filled with positive emotions – we are launching a number of winter competitions! We invite you to take part in the competition from the Association “PARASKUF” and win a prize – Tandem skydiving with photo and video filming!

We choose 12 girls for our exclusive calendar! From Monday 02/01/2021 on our Instagram page a large-scale competition will start, which will consist of 3 stages with nominations:

  • Miss Elegance;
  • Miss Fitness;
  • Miss Bikini.

4 winners will be selected in each of the nominations. 12 girls will decorate our calendar and receive a summer tandem jump with photo and video filming as a gift!

Do you want to be one of them? Then subscribe to our Instagram page – don’t miss the start of stage 1 of the competition on Monday, February 01!

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