July 26 is a special day. Today is the Day of the Parachutist!

We wish everyone who connected their lives with the sky, who learned to fly faster and higher than birds, success in conquering new heights! Many and safe jumps!

The history of this day is connected with the events in the USSR 91 years ago. On July 26, 1930, near Voronezh, 5 Soviet pilots and mechanics (Moshkovsky, Egorov, Zakharov, Kovalenkov, Kukharenko, Mukhin, Povalyaev, Poidus, Filippov, Freiman, Cherkashin), led by Minov, made a series of training jumps from an airplane for the first time in the USSR. For the jumps, American parachutes of the Irvin company were used, purchased as a result of Minov’s trip to the United States. In total, during the training camp from June 26 to June 29, 59 training and demonstration parachute jumps were performed.

The first experience, obtained in 1930, gave impetus to the further development of parachuting in the USSR. By the end of 1931, Soviet paratroopers completed about 600 training and demonstration jumps. The hobby was so popular that “parachute towers” were installed in city parks of culture and recreation, from which anyone could jump.

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