Is it possible, without experience of skydiving, to jump on your own, without an instructor? Of course, that’s exactly what the Static Line was designed for!

Static Line is an independent jump with a modern RAM-air parachute from a height of 1000 meters for first-timers.

We provide:

  • high-quality six-hour instruction;
  • equipment (including a walkie-talkie, using which the instructor will help you during the jump);
  • parachute system;
  • An-2 aircraft, which will lift you to a height of 1000 meters;
  • great mood.

You need to take with you:

  • shoes with thick soles that fit tightly on the foot (for example, sports sneakers);
  • identity document (passport / driver’s license, or “Diya” application);
  • sports suit.

Admission for jumps:

  • age from 16 years;
  • weight from 40 to 120 kg.
  • you need to be healthy, in good physical shape, have no contraindications from a doctor.

You can register for an independent jump by phone: +38 067 212-21-22

Jumps are held at Chaika Airfield every weekend. Arrival at 8.00 in the morning, you will spend the whole day at the airfield.

More details about the jump…

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