Our parachute club holds a competition and chooses 4 “Miss Bikinis”! Don’t miss – only here and now are the brightest girls, real beauties, whose photos will literally light up the pages of our calendar! They will receive the most wonderful gift – a tandem jump with exclusive photo and video filming!

The competition starts on May 17, 2021. We will sum up the results on June 16 at 21:00!

The conditions are very simple:

  • Be subscribed to our Instagram page.
  • Post in your feed a photo or video in a bikini and caption it “Participating in the Miss Bikini contest from @paraskuf“.
  • Hashtag #paraskufcalendar2022.
  • Put “+” in the comments to our post.

Attention! Only personal pages take part (from 10 posts).

You can read more about the competition on our page.

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