Tandem jump with an instructor from AN-28 turboprop aircraft from 4000 meters

Tandem Jump (passenger’s weight up to 100 kg)

3500 UAH

Tandem Jump (passenger’s weight up to 110 kg)

3700 UAH

Tandem Jump (passenger’s weight up to 120 kg)

3800 UAH

Solo Jump from AN-2 aircraft from 800-1000 meters

First solo jump with a round parachute D-1-5U or D-6 (insurance, training, gear rental, altitude 800 m)

1100 UAH / per jump

First jump with air-ram parachute under Static Line program (insurance, training, gear rental, altitude 1000 m)

2000 UAH / per jump

3-6P reserve parachute re-packing (in case if you forget to release the automatic activation device during your flight under (not taken if reserve deployment was nessasery)

100 UAH

Training AFF course (Accelerated Freefall)

Basic orientation training

500 UAH

1-3 level jumps (2 instructors, 4000 m, beginner ram-air canopy, ground training)

3600 UAH / per jump

4-7 jumps (1 instructors, 4000 m, beginner ram-air canopy)

2600 UAH / per jump

Solo jumps for licensed skydivers

Freefall from plane/helicopter, altitude 4000 m

600 UAH

Canopy piloting jump, altitude 1500 m

450 UAH

Training jumps for licensed skydivers with instructors

Check jump evaluation for a new skydiver

1700 UAH

Jump with RW instructor (RW-1, RW-2 courses)

1700 UAH

Jump with Freefly instructor

1700 UAH

Discounted packages for licensed skydivers

* Valid for 1 skydiver, package of 25 jumps, sinlge person jump package, duration 30 days, price 13 750 UAH (1 jumps is 550 UAH).

** The discount is available only on the condition of full prepayment of the package. Once the balance reaches zero, the discount ceases to apply. Once the duration is over, regular jump price applies for the deposit.

Other prices

Videorecording in freefall, licensed or check jump

1000 UAH

Photo + videorecording in freefall

1500 UAH

Video from instructor’s handycam (tandem jumps)

400 UAH

Videorecording (round parachute and static line)

300 UAH

Skydiving rig rental for 1 jump (including main canopy packing)

350 UAH

Skydiving rig main canopy packing

70 UAH

Skydiving rig reserve canopy packing

800 UAH

VIP jump

25 000 UAH


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